About Us

Foshan Yanuo Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., integrity management of its own brand "YALINUO". More than 10 years of professional manufacturing and research and development of textile printing and dyeing laboratory equipment.

The main products: laboratory dyeing machine, Constant temperature oscillation dyeing machine, rotary thermostat dyeing machine, glycerol high temperature dyeing machine, infrared high temperature dyeing machine; vertiacl  type air pressure electric small mangle machine, Horizontal type air pressure electric small mangle machine

Coating dyeing finishing small mangle machine, Washed machine, the standard light source on the light box, steam machine, Multi-stage dyeing, Yarn dyeing machine, washing fastness, rolling pressure embossing machine, horizontal stereotypes machine, Continuous stereotypes machine, continuous reduction steam box, continuous hot-melt primer and so on.

Foshan Yanuo Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. located in Guangdong Province, China, is located in the beautiful scenery and well-developed home appliances town of Shunde District of Foshan City, unique geographical location, and the city of Guangzhou border, adjacent to Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Hong Kong and Macao Special zone, convenient traffic.

ity is the root of the service, the quality of survival of the" business principles, adhere to higher quality, high positioning of the product line. With the perfect technology, high quality control requirements, by the majority of new and old customers unanimously affirmed, praise, praise.

Your request is our motivation! We sincerely look forward to your cooperation, mutual benefit and win together to create a better tomorrow!



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